CallRail changes - Action needed

Hey there,


CallRail has moved to version 3 of their API. We’ve updated our connector, and you’ll need to make a few changes to keep your data sources refreshing.

Note: CallRail no longer supports getting data from multiple accounts in 1 query, but instead will only get data from individual accounts within CallRail.

Due to changes in CallRail’s API, you’ll need to reconfigure your data connector, with a new V3 API Key from CallRail.


Get a new API V3 Key and update your data sources:

To do this, log into CallRail, click on your user icon on the top left hand corner, then on the dropdown select “My Account”. From there, select “API Keys” and then on the right corner click “Create New API V3 Key”, this will generate a new API Key. Copy paste the new API Key into your data source connector. 


Once your updated V3 API key has been copy and pasted, you’ll have to select an account from the dropdown to get your data.


For custom data sources, please consult CallRail’s API documentation for more details at https://apidocs.callrail.com/


Let us know if you have any questions. We are here to help!


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