Zoho - API and Authentication changes coming Dec 31, 2019

Hey everyone,

Just a heads up that Zoho has updated their API from version 1 to version 2 and changed the authentication method to OAuth 2.0. We’ve updated our connector with the changes. If you have Zoho data sources created before April 15th, 2019, you will need to make some changes. The new API supports similar functionality, but the syntax, output and methods are different therefore you will need to create new data sources, and map your klips or modelled data sources to the new output. 


Zoho has documented the changes here: https://www.zoho.com/crm/help/api-diff/


Determine if you have Zoho v1 data sources:

From the left NavBar, click on Data sources, then search for Zoho. Look for data sources with type Zoho (v1)

If your data sources are of type Zoho, (not Zoho (v1)) you do not need to take any action. If you find data sources of type Zoho (v1), read on to understand how to update your klips and PowerMetrics.


Steps to create a new Zoho data source using Oauth:

From the left NavBar, click on Data sources, Then select “Create a New Datasource ” from top right.

Find Zoho in the list of services



Select it, then choose the prebuilt data source template or custom data source.  It will take you to the Connect an account page.

Click on Connect an account and enter your Zoho account credentials to create the Zoho Oauth token.


Finish the wizard to create the Zoho data source. See below for some examples of how to map the old end points to the new endpoints.


Update your klips and PowerMetrics to point to the new data source you created. Go through the data sources you found above of type Zoho (v1).

  • From those data sources, to find associated klips, click the data source, and then click Associated Klips. Open the klip, then click Add data source at the bottom. Go through your formulas and point them to the new data source.
  • If there are modelled data sources, they would be listed under About this data source, Used by Modelled data sources. You will need to create a new modelled data source and then point your klip to the new modelled data source. If your modelled data source is being used by a PowerMetric, you will need to create a new PowerMetric to capture the data going forward, and keep the old PowerMetric for the historical data. To determine which modelled data source a PowerMetric is using, open the PowerMetric and then from the three dot menu choose Edit. The modelled data source will be listed at the top of the property panel.


Alternate approach: Instead of creating new data sources, you can also re-configure your existing data sources. You will be prompted to connect to Zoho via oAuth. You will still need to update the endpoints manually and update any klips or modelled data sources.


Here are a few examples of endpoints from the  Zoho API in version 1 and the corresponding endpoint in version 2:


Let us know if you have any questions. We are here to help!



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