1user in multiple clients

I have one user to who I want to assign access in multiple clients.

Today this is not possible ...This user would need to use a different email address to sign up for the 2nd account.

To always create multiple user (if we could use an existing one) creates only overhead for everyone.

Please consider to implement that.


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    Caileigh Simpson

    Hi There, 

    Thank you for this feedback. We have heard a lot about this issue in the past. Unfortunately right now we do not have an interface in which you could enter multiple different Klipfolio accounts, but we are dedicated to doing some thinking about this issue. This flow is especially important for our Klipfolio Partners who may have clients (consultants, agencies, etc) that require access to multiple Klipfolio accounts to build and analyze. I do not have any timelines to share with you at this moment but wanted to let you know that your feedback is valuable. I will be sure to reach out when I need to dig deeper into this issue. 

    Thank you!


    (Product Manager) 

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