Get country defined from longitude and latitude

Hi there,

I have a data set with lng and lat - but i dont have a country column. Is there any way to use Klipfolio to take the lng/lat values and create a column against my data with the countries defined?

Many thanks, Steve


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    Janice Janczyn

    Hi Steve,

    Google Maps has a Geocoding API that can convert lat/long to country, etc, however this can be cumbersome to use as it requires a query per lat/long pair. A better option would be to either get the country information into your data set (which service are you using?) or possibly maintain a spreadsheet with the mapping from approximate lat/long ranges to country. 


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    Steve Walker

    Thanks Janice - yes, the aim is not to store this in our data source we provide to KF as it bloats the json.

    Ideally a merge that would look at our lng/lat and add a country column would be ideal...

    We are using json from our rest api - our business is Task.io which collects remote data among other things.

    Kind regards, Steve.

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