BingAds changes occurring Jan 29th - Action needed Jan 29th

Hey everyone!

Bing Ads has moved up to v13 and changed how they do authentication. For full details please consult their migration document here 

Changes in Bing Ads v13:

  • AgeGenderDemographicReportRequest is now called AgeGenderAudienceReportRequest
  • The AverageCpp, ClickCalls, and ManualCalls columns are removed from the AccountPerformanceReportColumn, AdGroupPerformanceReportColumn and CampaignPerformanceReportColumn
  • Authentication is done via Microsoft Identity Platform instead of Live Connect for OAuth
  • The version has changed from v12 to v13

What do I need to do?

There are some things that we are unable to update for you and need action on your part. You will need to create a new Bing Ads account within Klipfolio and reconfigure your data sources on Wednesday January 29th after 12:30pm.

  1. Find your Bing Ads data sources by selecting Data Sources on the left side navigation. Then search for Bing.
  2. For each data source, you will need to reconfigure. You will need to create a new Bing Ads connected account for the first data source, and then ensure you use the new account for any subsequent data sources.
    1. Click Reconfigure. If there are associated klips or PowerMetrics you will see a warning about impacting them. Click OK.
    2. In the drop down that appears on the Which account do you want to use page, select Connect New Account. (For subsequent data sources, simply ensure you select your newly created account)
    3. You will see a pop-up window from Microsoft, asking for your credentials (If you pop-up does not come up check that you have disabled your adblocker and cleared your cache). Next it will ask you for your developer token. 
    4. Continue through the reconfigure process to ensure your data source is now using v13
    5. If your klips, modelled data sources or PowerMetrics were referring to columns that have been removed from the new data sources, you will need to update them accordingly.


If you have any questions, ask us, we’re here to help!


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