Database connection should be shared among data sources

The current implementation of a SQL database connection is far from ideal because it's linked directly to the data source. So, not only do we have to re-enter credentials every time we need a new table, we have to them maintain all those same credentials going forward and that's a huge problem as the number of data sources go. As with most BI tools, the database connection should only be setup once and the data source should contain only the attributes unique to it, such as the SQL query in this case.

This was apparently requested in 2015 (https://support.klipfolio.com/hc/en-us/community/posts/208108668-Shared-Connections-for-Data-Sources?input_string=Database%20connection%20should%20be%20shared%20among%20data%20sources) and ignored.

Please consider making this important change for your clients who would like to use a SQL database as a data source.


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    EndressHauser admin

    I just wanted to raise the same request for JSON connections.

    JSON Connections are based on API Key. Usually API Key's have only a certain validity.

    I spent a time in January to get into each datasource and updated the API Key because ALL of them expired at year end.

    It would be great to have a central place to put in the credentials based which I can then link to my datasource.

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    I've requested this in the past, too. We have dozens of SQL queries that must be updated every time something changes.

    Ideally, it would work similar to the Google Drive connector where updating once pushes to all linked sources. 

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    Erik Skurka

    Did this feature ever get release to PowerMetrics or regular Klip data sources? Every time we roll database credentials we have to update 100s of data sources with the exact same Username, Password, and DB address.

    We're a long time customer of Klipfolio, but it's causing us to reconsider if you all are the right solution for us, as tools like Holistics.io have this shared data-source (specifically DB connections) and all the same visualization tool as Klipfolio.


    -Erik, VP Product @ ReviewTrackers

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