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I would like to use indicators to mark only the  one value that is the highest, but I can't find the right condition to use? 

I have columns with names and the % values associated with them, but when I am trying to use FIRST() it marks the name that is first in the alphabetical order, not the number that is the highest. 

My values in the table are sorted bu Highest to Lowest, so based on that I thought the FIRST() should return the very first value that in this case is highest? 

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    Janice Janczyn

    Hi Ada,

    Add hidden data (data1) with the following formula to repeat the maximum value for as many items as there are values (assuming they are in column1):

         REPEAT( MAX(&column1), COUNT(&column1) )

    Then add an indicator to column1 that check if 

         column1 is equal to data1, display icon.


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