IF multiple conditions not working

Hi I'm using this formula to return a number where two conditions are true in two different columns , the formula is below

IF(AND(@J:J;="RX PRESCRIBED",@T:T;="No"),1,0)

This is actually pulling all the records being filtered but not meeting the conditions above



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    Yvonne Van Alphen

    Hi Kevin

    The formula looks good.

    Can you check that RX PRESCRIBED is always in upper case, and that No is always with a capital N, and that there are no spaces either side of the text?



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    Kevin Burke

    Hey Yvonne,

    I checked both conditions and they are formatted properly. This number should really only be a subset of a larger number. I.e. we saw 5000 patients, 2500 had RX PRESCRIBED, and maybe 500 said "No" they had not worn glasses previously. The formula is pulling all the records associated with the filter I have on the dashboard. See below, total registered is all the records, then RX PRESCRIBED is next to it. The First Pair formula should be pulling a smaller number than RX PRESCRIBED. 

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    Meggan King

    Hi Kevin

    It sounds like there may be an issue with the alignment in your data. We'd be happy to review your formulas to check. You can also check by evaluating each formula in the table and ensuring the same number of results are returned. Then, you'll need to verify the aggregations applied on the table - such as any other filters and any hidden data. 


    If you'd like us to look at it, please send a ticket to support@klipfolio.com




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