Json Countif CreateAt = today()

How can i Count all the dates that are the same with the date of today 


If i have a 
Json api link and i want to count all the products where the createAt date is the same as the Today() date


i tried this:

COUNTIF( DATE( @/list/createdAt;, "yyyy/mm/dd") =TODAY() )


But it doesnt work can someone pleas help me?




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    Meggan King


    Thanks for posting in the community. Your date format must also change to use MM for months. Lower case 'm' is for minutes, so would not be understood. Your format should also match what is in your data. Based on your example that would mean "yyyy-MM-dd"  


    Inside your COUNTIF you could use DATE_IN : DATE_IN(DATE(@list/createdAd,"yyyy-MM-dd"),today)) 

    Here is an article on DATE_IN https://support.klipfolio.com/hc/en-us/articles/216182527-DATE-IN





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