Xero Data Source Issue - Action needed

Feb 5: Update: If you have added some of our pre-built Xero Klips that are no longer showing data, please ensure when you are reconfiguring the datasource to point to the new token you have created, the data format is set to XML as the default data type is JSON which will break the Klip.

Feb 4 Update: The issue with XML formatted data sources has been resolved

Feb 3: Update: We are investigating an issue where Xero data sources which return XML formatted data are still seeing issues. Will update soon. 


Hey everyone!

Our engineering team has solved the issue with Xero data sources not pulling in updated data to Klipfolio. To re-enable your data sources, you will need to re-configure your data sources in Klipfolio and connect a new account. (We have moved our Xero connection to the new OAuth 2 standard documented here https://developer.xero.com/documentation/oauth2/overview)

What do I need to do?

There are some things that we are unable to update for you and need action on your part.


  1. Find your Xero data sources by selecting Data Sources on the left side navigation. Then search for Xero .
  2. For each data source, you will need to reconfigure. You will need to create a new Xero connected account for the first data source, and then ensure you use the new acount for any subsequent data sources.
    1. Click Reconfigure. If there are associated klips or PowerMetrics you will see a warning about impacting them. Click OK. Note that you are just changing the authentication mechanism so there should be no impact in this case.
    2. Click Connect New Account. (For subsequent data sources, simply ensure you select your newly created account)
    3. You will see a pop-up window from Xero, asking for your credentials (If you pop-up does not come up check that you have disabled your adblocker and cleared your cache). It will look like this:
    4. Continue through the reconfigure process to ensure your data source is now using receiving the expected data results.

We believe we have added the permissions necessary so that all of our customers can retrieve the data they were fetching before. However there is a chance you may see an error such as "Service responded with exception status (401)." If you see this error please let us know.


If you have any questions, ask us, we’re here to help!



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    Brugman Consulting admin

    It looks like all the XML data sources I've got using the old Xero connector aren't working. They're returning the error 'DOM4JReader unable to parse xml file', even though there were working perfectly before on the old Xero connector.

    Any ideas?

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    Jason Xuereb

    I'm having the same issue as CB.

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    Meggan King


    We are investigating this issue and will post an update as soon as we have more information. 


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    Chris Spry

    Same issue here =

    Error Details

    The service responded with the following message:
    DOM4JReader unable to parse xml file
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    Garrod Houweling

    Hey Everyone!

    We have released a fix for the above issues!

    As well, due to changes made by Xero in their UI, the workflow of connecting to Xero organizations in Klipfolio may be slightly different - here is a quick walkthrough !

    To connect a Xero account, you will need to create a new token by selecting “connect new account” from the dropdown menu.  After clicking continue, there will be a Xero pop up page that requests you to allow access

    Once on this page, you will see how many connected accounts you have related to this token in Klipfolio underneath the “Organization data” heading.  To see a list of all of your organizations (connected and not connected), you will need to select the “select another organization“ dropdown

    Here, you will see at the top of the list the organizations that have not been connected, and lower down in the list under the “already connected” heading is the list of organizations that have already been connected to Klipfolio.  If the organization you are looking to select data from appears under this “already connected” heading, you can simply exit out of the list view and click continue.

    Once on the “configure your datasource page”, you will see a “Connected Organization(s)” dropdown that will be populated with all of your connected organizations

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