PDF export should of a Klip the whole report, not just a screenshot

I have a table set up that contains a variable number of records depending on the user's settings.  It is set to display a maximum of 12 rows, so that it will fit in the space I have given it in the dashboard.  Unfortunately, when the user exports it to PDF, she only gets the first 12 rows.  She has to extract it as CSV to show all the rows.  

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    Jonathan Aulson

    I had the same issue & asked for help from Klipfolio support.  The response was "It could be that you are emailing a snapshot of the current Klip which only displays a few records. If you change the table properties to show all the rows, you should get the complete table."

    So, by selecting this Klip and clicking the option to Edit Klip, it will open the editor interface.  From there, in the left hand list of components, click the Table component so that it is highlighted.  Then, in the Properties tab below, you should see a property for Table Rows.  There you can set it to Show All Rows.

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