Sorting by Month on X-axis

Klipfolio has great sorting options that allow you to control the order of your data in charts and a number of other different visualizations.  Below is an example of a bar/line chart sorted in date order.

I want to show the names of the  month on the x-axis as displayed.  I have applied a sort to the x-axis to show the dates from oldest to newest.  Sorting of dates uses the display value of the dates and since in my display value I have a month name only, January is shown as the first or oldest date.

However in my actual data, there is year information and the date are from March 2019 until February 2020.  I want the months to show in that order, with March first, but I do not want to show the year on the x-axis.

The easiest way to do this is to add a hidden data field in the  bar/line chart and point it to the same date values that are on the x-axis. However, make sure that the display format contains the full date information, including the year.

Remove the sort from the x-axis and apply it to this data instead.  This data includes the year information so the data is now sorted from March to February.

One important note, if the data is being grouped, make sure to set the aggregation for the hidden data to “first” instead of the default aggregation of “count”.


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