User Input Control (Drop Down list)


I have data about transaction date with format is "yyyy-mm-dd". But in drop down list, i only want to show "mm-yyyy".

I use this function in value

DATEVALUE(DATERANGE(DATE(SLICE(@K:K),"dd/MM/yyyy"),TODAY()),"MMMM yyyy") and add hidden data with same function of value. 

But it not show anything. Please help me for solving it. 

Thank you. 

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    Michael Bennett

    Hi Farah,

    Can you tell me the purpose of the "Daterange" function in your formula and what you were trying to accomplish with that?

    One thing I am noticing right off the bat is that your date() function format should be "yyyy-MM-dd" instead of "dd/MM/yyyy" in order to properly convert Column K into Unix values.

    If you were just looking to convert the dates we don't need to use date and then datevalue, we can simply use date_convert() to perform a conversion.

    If you're still struggling with this please reach out to support@klipfolio.com so we can take a closer look and better understand the use-case.



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