Sorting order of numbers converted to string in order to use Group repeating labels

Dear All, 

Following the solution to a previous issue https://support.klipfolio.com/hc/en-us/community/posts/360044022693-Grouping-values-by-week , I started working on a similar Klip displaying calendar weeks as numbers. As pointed out in suggestion linked here, I converted the column to `Text` and checked the box `Group repeating labels`. When selecting the sort `A-Z`, the items are not ordered correctly, e.g.

I assume that when converting the numbers to text, the sort order reflects the actual value of the characters. Question is how can achieve grouping repeating entries and have the latter sorted in the correct numerical order starting with 1.

Would I be required to pre-sort my table before importing it to Klipfolio as in my first question (cf. link above) ? 

Thanks a mil in advance 


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    Keely Davison

    Hi Chris,

    Great follow up to the grouping by week question.

    In this case there is a little trick you can use.  Create a hidden data column and make the content of that the same as your x-axis.  Make the format for this data number and the aggregation "Average" so that the result after grouping the x-axis is still the original number.

    Leave the grouping on the x-axis but put the sort on this hidden data and you should get the result you want.


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    Dear Keely,

    Thanks a mil for your reply. Following your instructions I managed to sort that particular column as intended. 

    Kind regards


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