Previous week date range incorrect date, showing current week dates instead.



As seen below, I have modified the Google Analytics Landing Page Views Klip to display the current and previous week views rather than default monthly data.

An issue that I have encountered is the previous week data points are showing current day of the week date instead of 7 days prior. 

Is it possible to change this to correctly display the previous week date? I would greatly appreciate any suggestions! 




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    Keely Davison

    Hi Ivan,

    Great question. The tool tip always shows the corresponding x-axis value and you cannot change this.

    In your case you can explore other options, such as putting the day names on the x-axis, e.g. Monday, Tuesday.

    And you can add other components to your klips, e.g. a label, to express additional information such as the dates that are currently included in the previous week. 

    Hope this helps,



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