User Input Control - problems connecting to other Klip data

Hi, I have created a User Input Control that comprises of a drop-down that selects a list of values from the data - list of campaigns. This is then passed to a variable "Campaign Name". This variable is then used to display labels 1) Campaign Name 2) Impressions - which are the impressions for that particular campaign selected. While the variable works to display 1) Campaign Name, it does not do so for 2) Impressions, which it should be able to select the Impressions for that campaign from the attached data source. I dont know where I am going wrong here and would appreciate any guidance. I need to replicate this across other dashboards as well, where I would have a user select a value from a drop down in an user input control and use that to extract data from the attached data sources.

Thanks in advance!

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    Keely Davison

    Hi Marco,

    When you have a set up a variable in Klips you can use filtering to filter by that variable value.

    For example, if you are building a table with Campaign Name and Impressions, you can  add a filter to the campaign name column.

    Go to the properties for this column and add a filter.  In the filter, do a condition filter that checks for "matches" "Campaign Name".  This will filter all data in the table by the variable value for Campaign Name.

    Here is some additional information on filtering.


    In your specific case, if you want to email support@klipfolio.com we can help you directly in your account.




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