User input from multiply sheets to Table


I'm trying to have one Column "Phone" show different numbers depending on what the user have chooses on the "user input control". 

In this case it's different countries and all are listed as a value in "User input control". 


I make it work with just one User input and variable, but the same column is suppose to show data from 4 different countries depending on the User input. 

The data is presented in different sheets in the data source. 


My formula works for just one like this: 

((IF($Country="Finland",(REVERSE(SLICE(@Contacts FI,G:G;))),""))


I would like the column to present data for more than just Finland if the user input is another country, and I'm trying to do some sort of a OR formula

((IF($Country="Finland",(REVERSE(SLICE(@Contacts FI,G:G;))),""))

OR(((IF($Country="Sweden",(REVERSE(SLICE(@Contacts SE,G:G;))),""))


I hope my question is understandable! 




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    Keely Davison

    Hi Victor,

    Great question. In this case because there are 4 sheets involved, I would use a SWITCH function.

    The formula will look like: 

    SWITCH($Country, "Finland", REVERSE(SLICE(@Contacts FI,G:G;)),
                                    "Sweden", REVERSE(SLICE(@Contacts SE,G:G;)),
                                    "country3", REVERSE(....)),
                                    "country4", REVERSE(...)))

    SWITCH also has a "_default_" option that you can include if it makes sense.  



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    Thank you, works perfect! 

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