Nested JSON with multi level items

I'm looking at an array that looks something like this:

I'm trying to create a flat table that includes all trial serial numbers /t/s and another column of the associated email /e.

Every item can have only one email but multiple serial numbers,

How do i create a modal that shows every /t/s next to its corresponding /e?



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    Adam Doogan-Smith

    Hi Yaron!

    In this case where you want to have the same e-mail duplicate for every serial number in each /p array, you can use xpath axes and specifically preceding-sibling.

    @/p/preceding-sibling::e takes the level that the s field is located and preceding-sibling searches for the field that starts alphabetically before and return for the number of times there are records.

    Note that if the object you are looking for occurs alphabetically after, you use following instead of preceding.

    Happy Dashboarding!

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