Connecting to Salesforce Without Salesforce Enterprise

For those of you who use Salesforce but have not been able to connect to Klipfolio because you don’t have the Enterprise version, there may be a solution for you! Salesforce has recently released a beta feature that allows you to subscribe to reports as email attachments. You can check it out here: Attach Formatted Spreadsheets to Report Subscriptions (Beta). This feature allows you to use the Klipfolio connector: Use email attachments as a data source. There are just a few steps that you need to follow:


  1. Create a report in Salesforce and follow the steps in this article to subscribe to the report and set your desired subscription schedule. Make sure you check the option at the bottom, Attach results as a formatted spreadsheet file.
  2. Now, create an email data source in Klipfolio and forward the first report to the email address provided and verify that the data source is properly created. Save the data source.
  3. Now we can set up automatic forwarding! You can follow the steps for your specific email provider. For Gmail users, we did it this way:
    1. Add the email address provided by Klipfolio as a forwarding address. But leave it as disable forwarding because we are going to use filters to forward the specific Salesforce report.
    2. Now, create a filter. We filtered by Subject: Report results (<report title>) and Has attachment. Make sure that you replace <report title> with your report title.
    3. Finally, set the action to Forward it to the Klipfolio email address.


And that’s it! Now your Salesforce report should automatically update in Klipfolio and you can build the Salesforce dashboard you’ve always wanted!


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    Allan Johnston



    The only issue I am running into is that Gmail sends a verification code to the forwarding address before I can use it. Is there a way to retrieve the verification code that is sent to the Klipfolio address? 





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    Meggan King

    Hi Allan,

    The verification code will come to support and the team will be able to forward it back to you. If you try to connect during Mon-Fri, 9-5 ET, it should get processed quickly.



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