Unique reach calculation in facebook ads


My issue is, not matching value of "Reach" created by klip and from given by facebook ads manager. Much higher value (78329) is in klip than facebook ads (57801).

I think this is uniqueness issue or else other. All other KPI has no issue. I have created data source for last 30 days.

All screen shots are attached for your reference.

Kindly help to fix it.


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    Keely Davison

    Hi Manu,

    You are correct that the issue is because Reach is a unique count and it can not be summed or it will over count the result.

    In this case you can get Reach for a time period if you do not include the time_increment parameter in your datasource query.  This will give you one value for reach that represents the reach for the period specified by the date range in your api query.


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