Pie chart showing 0 value not found in column


I have pie chart driven from a single column. It does have hidden data filter applied to it controlled by a dropdown. However, I see this value of 0 (0) which means it's not found in the column. I checked my source data and there are no 0 values in it. Any idea why this is populating on my pie chart ? See attached

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    Adam Doogan-Smith

    Hi Kevin!

    Can you confirm that all of your components for the pie chart have the same amount of items? Usually a "0" as a label means that there are more items in the Values or Hidden Data than there are within the Labels and the "0" is a result of the items being padded.

    If you are still having issue please submit a support ticket to support@klipfolio.com with the name of the klip and we can look into it more.



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