suggestion for bullet charts

I use bullet charts inside a table to graphically show sales vales - the "Performance" value in the bar chart is the current sales value of a specific item, the "Target" is the sales goal for that item, and the "Range" value is the previous period sales value. Like so: 

I really like this representation because it gives the user a lot of information in a compact area. They can easily see that they are currently beating last year by quite a bit, and have blown past their target value. Great!

The problem is with the tooltips. They are completely inappropriate for the information I'm displaying. I need them to be expressed as currency, and I need the tooltip labels to be configurable. I don't want my clients seeing "Performance: 61,303" when they hover over the purple bar. I want them to see "YTD Sales: $61,303". The same is true with Range and Target. 

Can you please work your magic and make the bullet chart have configurable tooltips? Without them, the rendering feels unpolished and a bit sloppy. My clients have noticed, and I hate having to tell them that Klipfolio won't allow me to change the rendering of the bullet chart. 




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    David Mennie

    Great suggestion, Trudy. I'll review with the team and see what we can do.

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    Trudy Voorhees Admin

    Thank you!

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