apply constraints to the date picker?

I would like to apply a constraint, or limit, on the date picker such that the user cannot select a date earlier that 1/1/2014. Is there any way to do this?

It looks like the date picker component does not have any configurable parts to it. For now, I have an HTML component next to the date picker with text explaining why it's a bad idea to choose a date earlier than 1/1/2014. But that doesn't stop the user from doing it.

Please advise!



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    Adam Doogan-Smith

    Hi Trudy,

    Unfortunately with the default date picker there is no way to constrain what dates are included/excluded.

    Perhaps, you can update the logic in the HTML component to say IF() start date is older than 1/1/2014, then return bolded text to say there is no data prior to that date, otherwise if the start date is newer than 1/1/2014 then remove the warning message. This way it is more dynamic and is only returned if the user selects an incomplete date range.


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