Klipfolio recognizes thousands separators in datasource as decimal separators

Hi there,

I want to create a bar chart with incomings per month. For this klip I connected an .csv email attachement as Data Scource in which I have periods as thousands separators (For example: 60.000 for sixty thousand). Klipfolio recognizes these periods as decimal separators by default. So instead of getting a bar with 60000€ in my graph, I only get 60, because Klipfolio identifies the last three numbers as decimals.

Does anybody know a way to get this issue right?

 Since I have the periods in my datasource I can't work with the Separator-Option in the Property-Section.

Thank you very much in advance!



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    Adam Doogan-Smith

    Hi Uschi!

    In a case like this, you can use SUBSTITUTE() to replace the period with a blank so 60.000 becomes 60000. For example, if your numbers in column B the formula would look like:


    Hope this helps!


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    Uschi Häberle

    Hi Adam,

    thank you very much, this helps a lot. I've always looked for a "Transforming"-Formula, but SUBSTITUTE works great for me.

    Thanky you again.


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