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New to Klipfolio... having issues with date functions, I think?  Although, I'm having a hard time even getting examples from the docs to work.  

Ultimately, I want to sum a column (Planned_Hours) if a date column (First_of_Month) equals this month.  

I tried this formula:

But there is no output:


In trying to troubleshoot, I tried a couple of seemingly simple things:  "abc", 42, and TODAY()  - none of them worked:


What am I doing wrong???

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    Keely Davison

    Hi Blake,

    In the date function you need to specify the format of your dates in your data source.  In screen shot you provided they look M-d-yyyy instead of the "yyyy-M-d" you specified but perhaps the underlying data is a different format. Also you have a DATE function wrapped around TODAY() but you do not need that as TODAY() is already in unix time format. 

    Also SUMIF will give you one value but it looks like you might be trying to get a column of true/false values.  

    If you want True/false values you could remove the SUMIF part of the formula and just leave the part that compares the month to the current month. 

    We can help you in more detail on a ticket if needed.  So please email support@klipfolio.com to create one and we can help there.


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