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I'm trying to create a dashboard which shows the results of our sales team each week. I'm using an API output  from our CRM which gives me all sales actions of our sales team for a specific week. I'm presenting the data in a table with rows for each sales member and columns for each type of sales action and how many performed actions per sales member. 

The problem is that in some weeks some team members don't have any sales actions and aren't represented in the API output from the CRM but I still want to show them in the table with 0 actions. I have a list of all team members I would like to show but how do I add them to the table?

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    Keely Davison

    Hi Michel,

    One way to do this is with a lookup.  In the first column put your list of team members and then reference that in a LOOKUP for you other columns. The formula will look something like:

    Lookup (&teamMember, @crmdata/person,@crmdata/salesaction1)


    LOOKUP is often combined with GROUP and GROUPBY and in you case you may need to do that.  If you email support@klipfolio.com and create a ticket we can give more specific help for your case.



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