Merged Modelled datasource Combining fields in calculations

Working with Modelled datasources.

I have merged two datasources together.

I would like to add a new column with a calculation that uses values from both of the datasources. I can use the "first" datasource, but not merged datasource in the calculation.

Am I missing something?

Being able to precalculate things in modelled datasources is a big win, not being able to do it with multiple merged datasources is an unfortunate limitation. (Right now my solution is to calculate them all as needed in the klips that use them -- which is quite a few.)

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    Keely Davison

    Hi Joshua,

    Great question. You can do this in model using "results reference".

    To access the data in the 2nd data source  do


    where "columnname" is replaced by the name of the column in your model.  When you type the & you will be presented with a dropdown list of columns to pick from. 

    See this article on Results References for more details


    Hope this helps and if you have more questions just let us know.


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