Make Klips expandable for easier viewing

Hi -- one feature that I believe would enhance the user experience is to make the Klips expandable.

To be more specific, it would be nice if the user could click an "Expand" button in the upper right of the Klip, which would then make it larger and center it in the middle of the screen. It would also dim out the rest of the dashboard, like a lightbox effect.

This would allow users to take at Klips and focus on details that may be overlooked if they're always a fixed size.

Please let me know if you want more details. Thank you!

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    David Mennie

    Hi Mike - thanks for the input. We have an expand feature for PowerMetrics today and it's been quite popular. There are a few challenges to implementing a similar capability on the Klips side (since it doesn't use our React design system in all cases) but we'll definitely take your suggestion into consideration.

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