Sum Values for Certain Days of Week

I need to sum revenue for Monday through Wednesday and then Thursday through Sunday. For example if today is Saturday, I'd need the sum of Thursday, Friday and Saturday. If the day of the week is Tuesday, the sum would include total revenue for Monday & Tuesday. 



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    Meggan King


    If you are building a Klip, you'll do this using our functions. 

    It sounds like you'll want to SUM your Revenue by using a CONTAINS expression to only select based on days of the week, for example

    SUMIF(CONTAINS(Week Day,Array("Monday","Tuesday","Wednesday")),Revenue)



    You may need to use one of our DATE functions to convert the date to the day of the week. Depending on how you plan to display the data it may also require more advanced formulas which the support team can assist with, if you get stuck.



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