Stripe API Changes, September 1, 2020

Hey everyone!

Just a heads up that the Stripe API is changing on September 1, 2020. 

After September 1st, an attempt to retrieve an Event from the API that's older than 30 days you will get a 404 error. If you use the list endpoint for Events and set the parameters for dates older than 30 days then you'll get an empty list back. 


This will impact your existing Klips if you are visualizing the Stripe Events data. 


If you are currently requesting Events older than 30 days, you will need to reconfigure your data source to reduce the time period. The alternative option would be to switch from a Klip to a PowerMetric. The PowerMetric can store the history and you can then modify your data source to only track the latest events. 

Please refer to the Stripe API documentation for more information




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