2-Step authentication issue

I'm trying to use the 2 step auth with no success, the [auth_token] does not passed from the authentication call to the api query call.
When I add the auth_token manually in the api query call, it works well... see screenshot.
Anyone succeed with it?

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    David Komando

    I have the same question as the OP.

    1. Is the RegEx used in the Token Path formatted properly for a JSON response?

    2. Is the Bearer [auth_token] in the correct format to be mapped properly?


    The support docs are kinda vague and seem only half baked with only a Pardot example and no example on how to set the captured key:

    - What kind of data capture example "<api_key>(.*?)</api_key>" was used, was that XML from Pardot?

    - Also, nothing about how to set the captured api_key if needed.

    - No links out to dynamic setting of variables.


    Is this something that would be better to open a ticket to get help?

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