Select function is not working as expect

Most likely I am doing it wrong.  Please help me out.

I have user input control where you can filter data based on Date. But while calculating matrix value I want to filter data based on user input control and additional condition (do not consider withdrawn customers).


Select statement for matrix calculation

SELECT(SLICE(data@E:E;),SLICE(data@I:I;)!= "Withdrawn")


Filter on Data -






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    Meggan King

    Hi There,

    For your condition filter, the filter should be fine, provided your dates are in understood format. You should change your SELECT statement to be a Hidden Data on your table of column I and then put a conditional filter on the hidden data to check for Withdrawn.


    If you use a SELECT statement, you must repeat it for every column in the table. This is why using Hidden data instead is easier, it applies the select to all the columns at the same time. 


    There could be other ways to do this as well. If you still run into issues, you should open a support ticket with the team!




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    Nupura Sawle

    That is very helpful Meggan.

    Appreciate it!

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