Using date_add() with a reference

I have a table that is doing some date calculations, but can't get one of them to work. I have a "latest activity" column, formatted as a number. I am trying to use date_add to count days until/since that number. I tested my formula: 

So using that same logic but making the "30" a reference to that "Latest Activity" column, the formula for my last column is: 

But this doesn't work. Can someone help me understand why this doesn't work?

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    Meggan King

    Hi Jonathan, 

    I think you are missing a COUNT_DAYS to find the number of days between TODAY and Latest Activity. DATE_ADD is expecting a positive or negative whole number to show how many days into the future or the past you want the date from. 




    You'll need to put your Latest Activity date into Unix format using DATE. 


    Please give that a try and let us know if you run into trouble.



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