How to get index row value of dataTable component


I am building a new dashboard.

I want to use table data inside the formula for the new column.

Example table:


I want to get: !Column: Kanal [ index ]

Example for:  !Column: Kanal [3]  my expected value will be: BING,BING,SEARCK-REM

for:  !Column: Kanal [5]  my expected value will be: BEBERSETZUNGEN/UEBE..


But If I add [] inside my formula I get the error:


Is there any possibility of obtaining the values from the table?

Thank you for your answer.

Best regards, Boštjan


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    Meggan King

    Hi Boštjan,


    In your example you are doing a SLICE by column - SLICE(E:E), SLICE(N:N). You can also do a SLICE by row, so you could do SLICE(3:3) and select the data right from your data source. To only get the first column, you could do SLICE(3:3,0,1) 


    If there needs to be a formula to select just that cell, it would get slightly more complex. If you still need help, please contact support@klipfolio.com and we can have a look at your exact formula. 




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    Boštjan Kotnik

    Meggan, thank you for your help.

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