Getting no return from this

So I am writing a query that is not getting anything back on the Klipfolio side of things. It works in my MySQL workbench just fine. The statement is admit-ably long but the result set is pretty small and specific. Anyways it needed to be pretty dynamic in the end so I wrote the query as a statement using something like

set @sql = concat('stuff', formula(), 'more stuff', ...);

I can provide the exact query if you want. I did have to look up in the knowledge base to learn that I needed to make sure the ';' was in hex rather than not in this part of the query. From there though on my end I have to do this:

prepare stmt from @sql;

execute stmt;

On Kilpfolio's end I get ResultSet is from UPDATE. No Data. when this runs. It used to error out at the end of the first line but now it is erroring out at the prepare stmt line. Based on the errors I am seeing it looks like Klipfolio only runs the query up to the first ';' is that the case? If not what can I do?


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