Column Header table sort UI

A feature that the table component currently has is clicking on the table headers to cycle through different sorts on that column. It's fantastic, but there are 2 points to it that I would love to see enhanced.
1. I want to be able to customize how the column header indicates that it is currently being sorted. The slightly greyed out indication it currently has doesn't' work with anything other than the default grey header color, so being able to add an icon or change the color completely would be great. I would think that the most straight forward way to do this is add an indicator on header components that reads "If header:column 1 is sorted decending then display Icon".

2. I want to have the option to let that sort affect my results references to the table. If I have a bar chart where the Xaxis formula reads "first(&column1,5)" and I click on the header to sort by column2, I want to see the results of my First() function change to match the new table sort.


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