Better Button UI

I love using button components - adding clickable elements to the dashboard is a great way to make the data more engaging and flexible, plus I love the creative options that the single input variable setting gives me for functionality.

That being said, there are two ways that I think they can be improved:
1. Add more formatting properties to give the button labels as much functionality as the label components.
This would really be able to expand the different ways that buttons can be used, especially since you can change the fill and border of a button to match the klip background so the text could appear like a hyperlink (without triggering a page refresh). All of this is currently possible by uploading a CSS file to the dashboard, but that seems like it's way more complicated than it needs to be since the label component already exists, I just need to be able to put that on a button.

2. When buttons load, I don't want them to be "clicked"
This is more of a bug report than a feature request, but it's really annoying (and probably driving up my load time) when I load my dashboard and it's like all of the buttons had been clicked. If I have a toggle button with a default value of No, the dashboard almost always loads with the variable set to "Yes" as if the button was clicked. It's pretty frustrating and I imagine that if I had a whole row of buttons that all affect the same variable then it's driving up the load time as it's cycling through all of the variable values.


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