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Hello Klipfolio,

Our company Meltwater wants to add "Meltwater" as data source in Klipfolio. We have been requesting Klipfolio to do the same by answering the 6 questions from our klipfolio accounts, but still we haven't heard back from you. Can you help us with this?


Thank you


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    Meggan King


    Klipfolio connects to hundreds of data sources. We provide branded connectors for our most popular and in-demand services and then generic connectors for the rest. 

    To connect to data which is not currently listed as a connector, you have many options. If Meltwater data is accessible by an API, please use the REST/URL connector. To connect via API, the authentication type will need to be Basic, API key or token based, 2-Step, etc. The only type of API data you will not be able to connect to is OAuth token. 

    If it does not have an API, then you can see if it can automatically export data in a support form: CSV, Excel, XML or JSON. The exported data can be sent via email, stored on an FTP site or a cloud based Drive, like Dropbox or Google Drive. 

    If you have more specific questions, then please reach out to the support team. 



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    Manisha Mallick

    Hello Meggan,

    Thanks for your reply.

    We tried with api and exporting data and that works but is there any way we can add Meltwater as a service like Salesforce, MongoDB, GoogleAnalytics etc. in Klipfolio .

    Thank you.

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