Month Wise Leads Probability

Hi Everyone,

I have data which is: (also look at the image below)

1. Leads

2. Created Date

3. Probability

And I want to display something as described in the image below: (In the line/bar chart)

Please help me with how I can achieve this.

Thank you 

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    Parker Selman Official comment

    Hi There! 

    Thanks for your question, 

    I've created an example bar chart Klip using data similar to yours to demonstrate how to put something like this together. 

    Here's the sample data I'm using:

    The resulting Klip looks as such:

    To start, create a bar chart Klip. For the chart's x axis, select the 'Created Date' column. In the properties for the x axis, ensure that the display format for your chart is set to "MMMM" or "MMM" format, and group the x axis. 

    From here, you'll want to create a series for each distinct series you wish to display. To ensure that each series correctly displays only the data within the given series (in my case, only data for A,B, or C), you'll want to use the IF function to align your data. You can read more about this functionality here . as well as find the formula structure used in my example below, where column A = leads and column C = probability:

    The end result is the Klip seen above! I hope this helps - if you have any further questions around this, please open a ticket with our support team and we'll be happy to help further! 


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