Can I visualise GA metrics by segment name?

I'm using the Analytics Query Explorer to populate data sources for 8 custom acquisition channel segments that make up a month-to-date report of both users and goal completions by each segment.

The dashboard we have now is powered by an Excel spreadsheet, and I want to automate it using the data manipulation functionality within Klipfolio.

Is there a way I can see this data in a pivot table, with the segment names as column headers, and the MTD aggregation of users/goal completions for each segment underneath?

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    Kalyani Official comment

    Hi Alex, 

    Hope you are doing well! 

    Have you tried our new PowerMetrics yet? We do have a pivot table option where you can choose the columns rows and aggregations and customize your metric visualizations

    Please do let us know if you have any further questions. 




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