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Hi, is it possible to add Conversions and Cost Per Conversions to this Klip? 


Hope someone can help. 

Thank you. 

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    Parker Selman Official comment

    Hi Ave, 

    Thanks for the post! 

    In order to get conversions values into this Klip, you'll first need to change your data source query that's powering this Klip to bring in Facebook Ads Actions and Action values. To do this, you can reconfigure your "Facebook Ads Metrics (Ad Level)" data source to include actions and action_values in the list of fields for this data source. 

    Once you have these values present, you can create a new column for conversions, where you can select any of the actions items and their values that represent conversions for your campaigns. Then, since you've already got ad spend present in your data, you can divide by that to return CPC. 

    Hope this helps! If you require further support on this or have any additional questions, please contact us at support@klipfolio.com 



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