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I added the Pre-built Klip "Facebook Ads Campaign Performance" in our dashboard, but it is only for 1 campaign. Is it possible to have all the campaigns in one Klip? As we wanted to have all the Ad Spend etc. of all Campaigns in just one Klip. 


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    Parker Selman Official comment

    Hi Ave, 

    Thanks for the post! 

    You can edit this pre-built Klip to add in data from multiple campaigns! To do this, you'll first need to create a "Facebook Ads Campaign Metrics" data source and "Facebooks Ads Campaign Ads Sets Budget" data source for each of the campaigns you'd like to report on. These data sources would have already been created for the currently displayed campaign in your account. The queries for each of these would be the following:

    https://graph.facebook.com/v10.0/**your campaign id**/insights?time_range[since]={date.add(-93).format('yyyy-MM-dd')}&time_range[until]={date.today}&time_increment=1&fields=spend,actions,ctr,clicks,impressions&limit=100

    https://graph.facebook.com/v10.0/**your campaign id**/adsets?fields=id,name,lifetime_budget,daily_budget,budget_remaining

    Once you have data for each of your campaigns, you can use the ARRAY function to string together your data from each of those data sources. 

    For example, if you'd like to report the ad spend of all campaigns, you can add each @/data/spend item from your Campaign Ad Sets Budget data source into an ARRAY to get a total of all ad spend. The same logic of placing each item in the same order into an ARRAY will work for each element of this Klip. In general though, editing pre-built Klips is a fairly advanced / complex task, so if you run into any challenges or require more support on this, I encourage you to submit a ticket with our support team! 



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    Ave Cosejo

    Appreciate this. Thank you.



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