Creating a new user with a temporary password using the Klipfolio API and controlling the user invitation email

Did you know that you can use the Klipfolio API to create a new user in a Klip account? 

The first step is to generate the Klipfolio API key in your dashboard account.  You can do this by selecting Account alongside your name located at the bottom left of the screen.  You will use this key to authenticate who you are when making a post query.  

The second step is to make a query by referring to the "Users Section" in our Klipfolio API Reference Guide located here.


A good way to do this is to use Google’s Postman application.  To test an example query, I used the following information.





kf-api-key <your API key>

Content-Type application/json





'first_name': 'Yvonne',

'last_name': 'Test3',

'email': 'yvonne+test3@klipfolio.com',

'roles': ['89832D75A067E46A62C3989BD33495F2'],

'password': 'tempPassword'



This creates a new user in your dashboard account called Yvonne Test3, with a temporary password of tempPassword.  

The role id ‘89832D75A067E46A62C3989BD33495F2' assigns the view-only role to this user.  You can check what the role id number is by looking at the web-browser URL from the "About this role" page in your account.

By setting up new users by using the Klipfolio API, you have the option to send out your own personalized email welcoming a new user to your dashboard account.



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    Irene Mburi

    I have added 'send_email': true to the body but it does not send the welcoming email to the new user that I have created. Am I missing something?

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