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Is there a way that I can have the same dashboard displayed in between all the other dashboards. For example, have Dash #1 be pop up after two, and then three so it would be something like Dash 1, Dahs 2, Dash 1, Dash 3, Dash 1 Dash 4...etc. I can't find a way to order my dashboards for when they rotate. 



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    Parker Selman Official comment


    Thanks for posting in our community!

    There isn't a way to automatically rotate through dashboards, but you can set the order of dashboards for an Admin/Editor user by opening the dashboards in the order you'd like them to be displayed in. You can then rearrange those dashboards on the left-hand sidebar by clicking and dragging them to the order you'd like.

    To order the dashboards for a user who is unable to set the order themselves, you can use the Index of the user group they are in.
    From the Dashboards section of the Groups panel, you can set the individual index of each dashboard.

    1 would be leftmost, and any number past that would be to the right.

    Hope this helps!

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