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Hi there,

I have a Klip where I calculate the average duration between date and time for different types of events. As the screenshot shows, I have start and end dates on columns B and C, and a label that will give me which section the duration refers to. In my Klip, I then show the average duration for each section from 1 to 4. When I ran the calculation for the first time, the label came back with the desired value for all 4 sections. However, after a while, as the data gets refreshed, the label becomes blank, and does not show the value anymore. I have previously fixed this issue by removing the label and readding it with the exact same formula, and if I hit evaluate, then the value gets calculated correctly, but the label is still blank. What could have gone wrong? Thanks!

As you can see above, the value for Section 1 is shown, and the value for Section 2 is blank. The two labels work exactly the same - apart from selecting the right label for the section. Can you please recommend a fix?



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    Parker Selman Official comment


    Thanks for the post and detailed explanation. 

    Looking at your screenshot, it looks like your label in question is being set as an aggregated value (denoted by the asterisk at the top right of the label). This may be causing your label to blank out, since you don't need to aggregate a single value. To correct this, you can deselect the property 'Show as aggregated value' for that label. See below:

    This should resolve the issue. If you're still running into troubles or have any further questions around this, please let us know by logging a ticket with support@klipfolio.com



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    Joel (Now David) Taifalos

    Hi Parker,

    Thank you for your quick response. Aggregated value is not ticked, but I did apply a filter to not include blanks in it, which might be causing the issue, see screenshot below.

    Once the filter is removed, the value is back. Thanks for your help!

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