How to load different images according to user control component?

Hi, Thanks for you support, I'm pretty new to Klipfolio.


Here's what I've been trying to do:

Create a simple klip that loads an specific image depending on two choices the user does:

  • First dropdown for month (mês)
  • Second one for company (instituição)

I've already put the images online and got their URLs on a table I use as datasource:


I've been able to use 2 dropdowns in order to show different data on a bar graph. But the URL thing for images is something I haven't used before. (though I have been able to load an static image by pasting it URL between " ' "... But loading it dynamically is above my current payroll ;-)


Thanks for any help!


Leonardo Dias





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    Kalyani Khandelwal Official comment

    Hi Leonardo, 

    Hope you are doing well! 

    You can use a select function to achieve this. 

    SELECT ( URL column, AND ( mês column = monthVariable. instituição column = CompanyVariable ) 

    Hope that helps. 



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