Need HELP on getting connected to PostgreSQL AWS cloud database through client VPN.


I have a trial account and need HELP on getting connected to PostgreSQL database on AWS cloud server through Sophos SSL VPN Client for an important client.

The connection works through DBeaver while connected to the VPN, but in Klipfolio / Klips web user interface it does not work.

Please help us out as obviously this evaluation for our client cannot proceed if we're not able to connect this way.

Thanks, Pieter

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    Meggan King

    Hi Pieter,

    There can be a number of reasons why a connection can fail and it is possible we will not be able to connect through VPN. Please contact the support team for a more detailed investigation support @ klipfolio . com

    There are many alternative ways to get your data to Klipfolio if you are unable to use the customer's data base. You can send it via email, push it via API, or have it written to a file located on Google Drive or Dropbox and connect to it that way.


    Thank you!

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