Google Drive Connection stopping?

Hey all,

I have quite a few Google Drive connections to some Excel files that update each minute. Occasionally they will just quit updating and I am unable to tell why. I eventually notice that the data seems outdated, and when I go through the steps of "Reconfigure connection", select the same Excel file, it starts working again.

1. Is there any way to actually tell it's stopped/broken?

2. Any thoughts as to why it's doing this?




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    Shima Beigzadeh Official comment

    Hi Chase, 

    Thanks for using our community post! 

    Datasources that fail to refresh may have different reasons. To start troubleshooting, please have a look at Troubleshooting data sources that fail to refresh for more detail information.
    Also, you would see a Red Exclamation mark (!) next to those datasources that are failing to refresh. 

    If you would like more specific help, please reach out to our support@klipfolio.com

    Hope that helps! 


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