ERROR Date Filter

Hello, I have a klip in which I have 2 fields for dates, payment and expiration, they are identical, but the expiration date filters normal but the payment does not filter, and they are the same


the field I want to stare:


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    Kalyani Official comment

    Hi Marcus, 

    Thank you for reaching out! 

    Did you happen to change the scope of this variable? If there are multiple instances of the same variable with different scopes are created, the variable might not behave as expected. So you can reset all the instances by simply closing and re-opening the dashboard in your view. 

    Click on the three dots menu next to your dashboard name and 'hide' it from the list.

    Open the dashboard again from the dashboard library. 

    If you are still facing the issue please grant us the support access using the instructions given here and let us know the dashboard & Klip name, we can investigate it further. 




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    Hi, I have unlocked access to my account where the klip payment date filter is not working for my klip called Total Paid, if possible I need to fix this issue to free my users to use it
    Thank you very much in advance
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