Import of a (relational) database as a single import

Import of a (relational) database as a single import.
- import of data is currently based on queries (most likely tables or views which can become quite complex), not on a complete relational database - which can be mitigated (regarding pure data import) through creating data sources with simple SELECT * FROM, but we would have to apply that (rather annoying) CAST workaround for the uuid an citext column data types - which would be a one time operation IF table data don't change - but what about when the underlying table structure is changing frequently? Guess you can feel this is kind of cumbersome functionality. It really takes considerable time to get a good data import setup correctly this way.
- import of a (relational) database as a whole gives data analysts a much better work surface - as separate data sources from tables cannot be relational - these relations would need to be created again while modelling the raw imported table data - also, some type of AI on relations would not be reachable if you ever would like to offer that capability (especially knowing that some of your competitors already do offer).


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